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Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine

An essential, hip guide to wine for the new generation of wine drinkers, from the creators of the award-wining site  Red or white? Cabernet or merlot? Light or bold? What to pair with food? Drinking great wine isn’t hard, but finding great wine does require a deeper understanding of the fundamentals.   Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine will help you make sense of it all in a unique infographic wine book. Designed by the creators of, which has won Wine Blogger of the Year from the International Wine & Spirits Competition, this book combines sleek, modern information design with data visualization and gives readers pragmatic answers to all their wine questions, including:    •  Detailed taste profiles of popular and under-the-radar wines.    •  A guide to pairing food and wine.    •  A wine-region section with detailed maps.    •  Practical tips and tricks for serving wine.    •  Methods for tasting wine and identifyin

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Making Sense of Wine Tasting breaks new ground in the field of wine evaluation. Its completely new approach to the sensory appreciation and assessment of wine gives readers both information and practical skills. Its straight forward presentation provides a welcome relief to those who find much that is written on the subject either mystifying or pretentious.In his hundreds of international wine seminars on every continent the author, Alan Young, has found that wine lovers around the world share an eagerness to improve their ability to assess the quality of the wines they are offered. Making Sense of Wine Tasting is a serious but fun discussion about the nature and role of sight, smell, touch and taste in the evaluation of wine, combined with a considerable number of interesting practical exercises designed to improve sensory perception of all the senses used in wine judging. These exercises have been tested at international wine seminars by people of many different cultures the world
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This authoritative and inspirational wine tasting course received rave reviews when it was originally published, winning all three major wine awards in its first year of publication. Now, Michael Schuster, one of the world’s finest wine teachers, has updated it with new vintages, to make this step by-step wine tasting course even more useful.”A beautifully designed and intelligently organized wine primer.” Boston
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Richard Betts is one of fewer than two hundred master sommeliers in the world, but he’s no wine snob and he hates wine-speak. In the first book of its kind, he helps readers scratch and sniff their way to expertise by introducing the basic components of wine—the fruits, the wood, the earth—enabling anyone to discover the difference between a Syrah and a Sangiovese and get the glass they love every time. Humorously illustrated, with 16 scents, this irresistible gift puts the fun back in wine
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