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AIM-Digest: Red Wine May Keep Prostate Cancer Cells in Check
A Spanish study published in a British medical journal finds that polyphenols found in wine may keep prostate cancer cells from proliferating. (June, 2002)
Chemie.DE News: Possible Antitumor Substances in Red Wine are Formed During Ageing in Oak Barrels
A polyphenol formed when flavonoids found in red wine combine with tannins from the oak wood in barrels has strong inhibitory effects on tumors, French scientists find. (December 11, 2003)
CNN: Study Links Moderate Wine Drinking, Lower Stroke Risk
A 16-year study of 13,000 people in Denmark finds that a weekly intake of wine significantly reduces the risk of stroke. (December 3, 1998)
CNN: Wine Industry Trumpets Anti-Bacteria Research
West Virginia University researcher suggests that one to two glasses of wine with meals may help wipe out bacterial food contamination. (May 7, 1996)
Professional Friends of Wine: Wine and Health
Overview and explanation of recent findings of the health-related aspects of wine consumption, including headaches, sulfites, and cardiovascular effects.
ScienceDaily: Drinking Wine May Lower Risk Of Dementia
A study by the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Denmark, reported in the scientific journal Neurology, shows that flavonoids in wine may protect against Alzheimer's disease and stroke-caused mental deterioration. (November 12, 2002)
ScienceDaily: Drinking Wine, Particularly White Wine, May Help Keep Lungs Healthy
A University at Buffalo study has shown that drinking wine -- especially white -- recently and over a lifetime, was associated with better lung function. (May 21, 2002)
ScienceDaily: New Cholesterol Fighter Found in Red Wine
Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have identified another group of chemicals in red wine, saponins, that are linked to the ability to lower cholesterol. The study was reported at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. (September 8, 2003)
ScienceDaily: Red Wine's Health Benefits May be Due in Part to "Estrogen" in Grape Skin
Northwestern University Medical School researchers have found that resveratrol, a form of estrogen found in red grapes and wine, may be responsible for wine's anti-carcinogenic and anti-arteriosclerotic properties. (December 19, 1997)
ScienceDaily: Wine Drinkers Have Healthier Lifestyles
Study reported in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition suggests that the benefits of wine drinking may not be only physiological, but that a preference for wine may be part of an overall healthier lifestyle. (July 25, 2002)
ScienceDaily: Wine Drinking May Reduce Colon Cancer Risk
Study at the State University of New York showed that drinking at least one glass of wine per week may protect against the development of colo-rectal cancer, whereas beer or mixed drinks do not. (October 16, 2000)
The Guardian: Two Glasses of Wine a Week Still Safe for Pregnant Women
The UK Department of Health rejects claims that the only safe choice for pregnant women and those hoping to conceive is abstention from beverage alcohol. Article also explains the opposing view. (September 14, 2004)