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The New Zealand Wine Directory
Online Directory of links to the Wines, Vineyards and Viticulture Industry and communities of New Zealand.
Bob Campbell
Noted local expert provides industry news, links, courses, discussion forums and a winery directory.
TiZ Wine
Features information about wine-producing regions, reviews, tastings, new release listings, news, and events.
Wine Institute of New Zealand
Official home of the country's wine and grape industry. Provides a listing of styles, regions and wineries, along with news and industry statistics.
Wine Tourism Directory
A directory for wine tourism in New Zealand. Contains information about wineries to visit, wine tours, where to eat, and where to stay.
Wines and Wineries of Matakana
A joint site for wineries in the Matakana area, north of Auckland.
Provides information about the main producing regions and recommends wines and wineries.