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Wine Dogs USA 2018 Calendar

Welcome to the Wine Dogs USA 2018 Calendar. Wine Dogs travels the world in search of those special canine friends that greet us every time we go wine tasting or visit a winery.It's a known fact that behind every great winery there is a loyal dish-licker. Our Wine Dogs books have showcased these four-legged ambassadors of the wineries for years, and now we have put some of our favorites in the Wine Dogs USA 2018 Calendar.In this calendar we feature Wine Dogs from Bennett Lane Winery, Tara Bella Winery, Robert Biale Vineyards, Fortunati Vineyards, Rombauer Vineyards, Davis Estates, Dutcher Crossing Winery, Herman Story Winery, Stone House Vineyard, James Cole Estate Winery, Roadhouse Winery and Crocker & Starr Winery. After all, aren't these hounds the real palate-power behind the skilled business of making wine?

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