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Vinturi Set of 2 Essential Wine Aerators for Red and White Wine

Red wine needs to breathe to allow it to open up, release its intended aromas, and of course, make it taste better. Vinturi's patent pending design speeds up this process by instantly aerating with ease and convenience. White wine needs to breathe too. It is a longstanding myth that white wine does not need aeration. The truth is that white wine displays the same improvements with aeration as red wine. Vinturi white is the most effective way to aerate white wine. Taste your wine the way the winemaker intended. Vinturi for white wine is specially designed to aerate white wine exclusively. Both Vinturi red and white aerators deliver recognizable improvements immediately: better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. It couldn't be easier. Vinturi aerators come with a no-drip stand and a travel pouch. Made of acrylic. Aerator and stand are dishwasher safe. Travel pouch is machine washable. The glossy, clear acrylic is elegant

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Classico Wine Aerator and Stand - Let your Red Wine and White Wine Breath

Everybody knows that wine tastes better when it has been allowed to breathe... The Classico Wine Aerator can speed up the process! How does it work? The Classico wine aerator is simply placed over the top of your glass and as you pour your red wine through it is instantly aerated producing a great taste. It really is that simple and quick to use!

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The Wine Enthusiast 3-pc. Brush Set - WhiteTrade breakage for brilliance. Fine crystal and glassware often lose clarity and beauty without proper cleaning. These brushes use soft, compact foam to gently clean and never chip, break or scratch delicate surfaces. Useful for also cleaning vases. This set includes a decanter brush, wine stem brush and champagne flute brush

Price: $19.95

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Vinturi Essential Wine Aerators, Red Wine and White Wine, Set of 2Vinturi Wine Lovers Aerator Set. Includes aerators for both red and white wine, specially designed for properly aerating each. Vinturi wine aerators instantly aerate your glass of wine for better bouquet, enhanced flavors and a smoother finish. No more waiting for your wine to breathe in a decanter! Simply pour wine through an aerator into a glass. The patent-pending design accelerates wine aeration, allowing wine to breathe properly in no more time than it takes to pour a glass. Experience the difference Vinturi can make to your enjoyment of red or white wines. It allows you to reap the benefits of aeration without having to wait for wine to breathe in a decanter. Each aerator has been specifically designed to enhance the bouquet, flavors and finish of red or white wine plus, you ll save $10 over buying them separately. Easy to clean, includes a no-drip stand. This set makes a great gift, too! Enjoy perfect wine aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass with the Vinturi Wine Lovers Set. Order from Brookstone today!

Price: $99.95

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Vacu Vin 3-Piece Wine Saver Pump and Stopper, WhiteVacu-Vin wine saver system. The only thing sadder than pouring spoiled wine down the drain is not opening it at all because you can’t finish the bottle at one meal. The one and only, original Vacu-Vin, used in more than 10 million homes worldwide, is the easiest, most affordable way to preserve opened wines. The Vacu-Vin pump removes the air (and the oxygen that spoils wine) from opened bottles. Place it over the reusable stopper and pump out the air. The more stoppers you have, the more bottles you can save! One-year warranty. Includes one pump and two stoppers. Gift boxed. Fits sll bottles up to a Magnum size bottle. Additonal stoppers available here

Price: $14.99

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