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Modernist Cuisine 2018 Wall Calendar

Whether it’s an ant’s eye view of an illuminated chard leaf or a falling cup of coffee frozen in time, each photograph in the 2018 Modernist Cuisine calendar tells a unique story about the foods that we eat every day. The calendar features 14 brand new photographs by Modernist Cuisine founder Nathan Myhrvold. Inside this calendar you’ll see the inner workings of a mixer that’s been cut in half, a kaleidoscopic view of vitamin C, and ordinary ingredients, like blueberries, transform into stunning monoliths. Myhrvold continually experiments with new photography techniques and equipment to produce magical images that portray food in fresh and unexpected ways. He utilizes research microscopes, writes custom software, designs special cameras and customized rigs, and builds robots to levitate hamburgers and help capture unbelievable shots of liquid in motion. Every image in the calendar is available as a large-format, limited-edition print at the Modernist Cuisine Gallery, located at

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